Here is one for  Windsor. You step outside in the dark of the morning, and you know they are out there ….


I roll out of bed

to see them cavorting

on my front lawn

at not quite 5 a.m.

a mother skunk

and four furry tailed

little ones

frolicking in moonlight

I regard them

the way some might judge

squatters, or worse,


I fear them

I can’t say anything

I feel trapped

in my own house

not wanting to risk

making my early morning

run to Tim Hortons

yet I wish to warn these creatures

what might befall them

if they dare burrow

under my pool

Last summer

their hillbilly cousins

moved in

I hired a wildlife service

to trap them humanely

then fed a hose

down their tunnels

blocking up escape routes

with cement blocks

hoping to roust them

from their home

but they never got the point —

they defied my every move

till I stuffed

their underground grid

with chlorine-loaded pool pucks

and sealed up the exits

So now I want to tell

these happy little creatures

mind your own business

leave me alone

let me go to my car…

pretty please

One comment on “Squatters

  1. Lynn Morgan says:

    I have had a similar experience. I was trapped in my pool at midnight waiting for the little creatures to get out of my change room in the yard where my pajamas were awaiting me!


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