That Time Between …

Sam Abell, an Ohio-born photographer who worked for National Geographic, speaks about photography flowing from values, but also says values flow from childhood. He also suggests style flows from childhood, too, and somehow pervades everything we do, or how we look at the world. For that matter, it also affects how we speak to the world. How we reflect that to the world.

Another thing that Abell mentions is that he never finds it difficult making photographs. His biggest challenge is “that time between photographs.” Abell says it is difficult “not knowing when or how another image would reveal itself.” The same applies to poetry, or writing. Hemingway feared the same thing when it came to writing fiction. He always left a little in the tank when he quit for the day, so that he could go back the next morning and continue from where he left off.

I love this photograph, a writer on the move. Enjoy.

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