Brides in Black and Day Moon Rising

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I have been working with a crop of new students at the University of Windsor in the English Department’s unique editing program where we edit manuscripts to be published by Black Moss Press. The program is really an internship with the press. This year, we have been working with two titles: one by Mary Ann Mulhern, the other by Terry Ann Carter. The first is called Brides in Black and focuses upon the stories of women who have remained in the convent, or left the monastic life. Their stories emerged from interviews that Mary Ann had done. She, herself, was a nun with the Sisters of St. Joseph. She was also a teacher. The other book, Day Moon Rising, is about Cambodia, and Terry Ann’s experiences of working in that country where she joined a humanitarian crew building homes. Her work  reflects both the beauty and the horror of the country.

At Elias Deli, my favourite morning haunt, our class met for breakfast, and we read some of the poems in these two books, and celebrated the moment of our completion of the editing. Mary Ann joined us for breakfast and read from the manuscript. Three students — Jessica Knapp, Victoria Faraci and Emily Abbott — also read selections. What a great way to begin a rainy Monday morning in Windsor. Breakfast was fabulous. This place has been host to other poetry readings and to celebrities world wide.

A word to the editors in my class: “Master editors are artists themselves. They need to be…” From Noah Lukeman.

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