The Old Crabtree Press at The Windsor Star

The other day, I went back to 167 Ferry Street, now former home of The Windsor Star. (The Star has moved to the old Palace Theatre building) I wanted to walk through the empty newspaper office where I worked. I wanted to see the old Crabtree Press that was installed there in 1954. I fondly remember its thundering presence. I felt compelled as Poet Laureate of Windsor to write about this place of storytelling in Windsor’s history. I felt compelled to share these images in photographs and words.

5 comments on “The Old Crabtree Press at The Windsor Star

  1. nice way to commemorate something that should be honoured and remembered


  2. ellie892 says:

    Love the retro tech…a very interesting way to present a poem. I can really feel the presence of the press and the gravity of its intent.


  3. Bill Shannon says:

    Wow Great effect and sound. A true Marvel of its time and now a relic. Great Job


  4. Joan M. Jolin says:

    Thank you Marty for this poem with photography, words and music. All were wonderful. Like ellie892 I could feel the presence of the press. The music fit the pictures and words perfectly.


  5. Nadine Deleury says:

    What a beautiful piece! poetry, photographs and music, thanks for sharing this Windsor piece of history with us!


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