A Group of Seven (Poets)

Today, the seven of us as part of a unique group of writers met at Suede Productions on Walker Road to review the writing we have been working on since September. In 2017, as part of Windsor’s 125th anniversary, and Canada’s 150th birthday, we will be presenting poems about this city’s heritage. This workshop was aimed at going over the poems we have written to date. The group, sponsored by the Cultural Affairs of the City of Windsor, as part of the poet laureate program, consists of Carlinda D’Alimonte, Mary Ann Mulhern, Daniel Lockhart, Peter Hrastovec, Vanessa Shields and Dorothy Mahoney, all published poets. As poet laureate, I am leading the charge on this, and feel blessed to be working with such talented writers. Our goal is to write about every nook and cranny of this river town. These are my photographs, with the exception of one of me taken by Peter Hrastovec.


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